Friday, October 07, 2005


bife- punch
buitre- vomit
buitrear- to vomit
cachar- to catch, to understand
camba- someone from the south of the country
camote- in love
clefa- someone who shows up when they're not invited
colla- someone from the northeast of the country
conchudo- lucky
cuero- good-looking (invariable)
chacharse- to play hooky from work, school
chaki- hangover
chaki moral- strong regret
chapaco/a- someone from Tarija
chapar- to kiss
despute- chaos, mess
gallo- someone from the US
jacho- police agent
k'anka- person from the US
largado- broke (without money)
maldito- awesome, great
pichicata- cocaine
ranfla- promiscuous woman
yeta- bad luck


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