Thursday, October 06, 2005


abatatarse- to lose one's nerve
agati- dragonfly (guarinismo)
bachicha- Italian
banderola- fanlight
batacazo- windfall
bolada- opportune moment
bolilla- topic
cachada- joke
cama- udder (guarinismo)
canaleta- gutter
carpir- to hoe
chiche- small
despachante- customs officer
desprender- undo (button)
guaso- rude
habia- blackbird (guarinismo)
karai- senor ( guarinismo)
lavandina- bleach
merengue- mess
mitai- child (guarinismo)
negociado- shady deal
palenque- tethering post
paseandero- inclined to go out a lot
patotero- hooligan
petizo- short
pituco- snob
pozo- pothole
rebuscarsela- to get by on your wits
retacear- to be sparing with
retar- to tell off
soquete- ankle sock


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